[Engineering] Squircle

This article is aimed to help you implement the Figma’s corner smoothing effect step by step.

In design, rounded rectangle are a very common geometry used to enhance visual effects. Since iOS7, Apple proposed a new type of rounded icon that provide “pop” visual effect with something subtle around the corner. Initial reversing work comes from Marc Edwards, which reveals that this kind of contour might be governed by Superellipse $(\frac{x}{a})^n + (\frac{y}{b})^n = 1 $ with $n>2$

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[Principia] Hamillton’s Principle

最近学习分析力学,朗道那本《力学》开篇就是最小作用量原理,把人搞得非常晕。只看那本书是不行的,完全是毫无感情的客观描述, 对于理解这种抽象的定律毫无帮助。去年年初就打算学习理论力学,当时找了哈工大任延宇老师的理论力学公开课看,当时感觉讲得非常好,

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[Principia] The Laws of Conservation

We re-examine the conservation of energy and momentum we learned in middle school from a purely mathematical perspective, and then we derive the conservation of angular momentum from the same perspective.


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[Programming Language] Rust vs C++


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